Tootsie Roll and I searched the Pug Blog archives for the theme of Gratitude!  We enjoyed reflecting and hope you do as well:). Gratitude Blogs

We also did a simple Google search on how pets express gratitude and found this post to be very special:  What Pets Teach Us About Gratitude. As I read through the content of What Pets Teach Us....I realized that it truly is the what and not the how that matters.  Do Tootsie, Lucille, Monkey & Pawncha express gratitude?  Of course, and they do!  Good behavior expresses their gratitude.  A long, deep gaze expresses their gratitude.   Wagging, upright tails express their gratitude.  Soft vocalizations express their gratitude.  Proximity and genuine excitement express their gratitude.  

Gratitude, the deepest, most positive emotion we can feel.  An emotion that can heal.  An emotion that is not spontaneous, but reflective.  Yes, our pets do express gratitude.  And if we humans take time to reflect on what this can teach us - a genuine appreciation for the simple things in life,  complete unconditional love, constant companionship, reciprocity & patience; then through our pets we can find comfort in our daily purpose & routines of life.  All Creatures Great & Small