Three little buddies put on their cutest outfits and ventured out for a stroll on the main avenue.  Through the front yards they went, down the allies they trotted, up the park hill, over the trail bridge; Lucille, next Betty, then Tootsie Roll.  And when they got to the other side of the trail bridge, they counted off:  one, two.  One little buddy was not there.  "Now where in the hood is that Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie?" Lucille said.  "For she certainly is not on this side of the bridge with us!" replied Betty.   

    Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie was not on either side of the trail.  The only things Lucille and Betty could see were some runners and bikers.  The runner was movin' fast and sweatin' hard.  While the biker was just enjoyin' the ride.  But when Lucille and Betty looked further down the trail, there was Tootsie the Little Puggie prancing along!  

      "What is she doin'? said Lucille to Betty.  And up the trail they went to see Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie.  "What is goin' on here?"  asked Betty.  "I smell french fries" said Tootsie the Little Puggie.  Betty stuck her nose in the air and replied, "I smell a little mouse about.  How about you, Lucille?"  "Mice, french fries?  I smell them both, let's go!"  And up the trail they went, as fast as their little, and longs legs could go.  And there, sure enough, was a basket of crispy french fries waiting for some hungry human!   

      Lucille, Betty and Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie walked up to the basket of crispy french fries and the human getting ready to munch them down.  Betty jumped up on the tabled and meowed to get his attention and he turned to give her a pet!  Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie put her paws up on his legs for another pet and Lucille; well Lucille put her big legs up on the table, grabbed the basket of french fries and off the three buddies scurried! Over the trail bridge, down the park hill, up the allies and through the front yards.  They shared the yummy french fries and curled up for a nap! 

      Before Betty and Lucille could shake the sleep off their naps Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie was on the move.  Through the front yards, down the allies, up the park hill and over the trail bridge scurried Betty and Lucille!  They passed a roller blader and a speed walker and still no Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie!  They passed a sign that read, "Don't ever steal french fries!" but Lucille and Betty paid no attention!  And then they spied Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie.  "What are you doing?"  said Betty?  "I see a bargain!" said Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie!  

      "A clothes bargain?" shouts Betty!  "Yeah, in that store window!" replies Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie.  "It's so me!" howls Lucille as she runs out of the store with the sun dress hangin' out her mouth!  Over the trail bridge, down the park hill, up the allies and through the front yards.  All the sudden the three buddies stop dead in their tracks!  "Look at the quality of this sun dress!"  says Lucille.  "Seriously, this fabric is cheap" chimes in Betty!  "Yeah, this ain't no bargain, we can whip up a sun dress way fancier than this one" comments Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie.  And on their way back over the trail bridge they notice a sign in the store window that reads, "Don't ever steal sun dresses!"  

      "Whip up our own sun dress!" says Lucille.  "Fancier than any one we've seen!"  meows Betty!  "And why stop with sun dresses, why not jackets and tank tops...and we will call it TootsUncommon!"  barks Tootsie Roll the Little Puggie!  And so it all began; TootsUncommon that is!  Handmade doggie apparel with a story behind every item!  Coming soon to a store near you!