It was Pug at First Sight those many years ago when my husband and I took a road trip to Bedford, Indiana to look at some pug puppies!  Tootsie Roll has been bringing smiles, joy, love, and laughter to our lives ever since!  

Back in August of 2011 we published our first blog post on Blogger:

Looking back on those posts brings back some really great memories and we thought it was time to revisit those and to create some new ones as we reintroduce Tootsie Roll Tuesdays!

Pets love our human voices!  They recognize and respond to them!  They yearn for them when we are gone at work, running errands or on a trip.  I talk to Tootsie Roll, Lucille, Pawncha, and Monkey at length everyday!  And even though I am not known for my singing voice I serenade them quite frequently...especially when my husband is not at home:) Tootsie Roll and I recommend you give it a try!  Need to get some ideas out there for an upcoming meeting?  Feel like belting out a few notes of your favorite song?  Your pets will be glad to listen and all will benefit greatly!  If you are so inclined to listen, I have included a link to my remake of "Manic Monday".  Enjoy and please remember to check back next Tuesday!