Tootsie Roll and I have been following stories of animal shelters and pet owners over the week between posts looking for a way to make a difference during these unprecedented times.  What we have found to be the biggest need is pet food for pet owners who are out of work right now or, for a variety of other reasons, are finding themselves in financial hardship and therefore having to cut back on pet foods.

We have explored a few local pet food pantries and have reached out to them about making a donation.  When we finalize our partnership we will need your support.

Our plan is to have an online sales campaign of our Uncommonly Unique Pet Attire & Accessories at  during the month of April.  We are committed to donating 25% of all sales to our partnering pet food pantry.

April 1 is this coming Wednesday, so our goal is to finalize all the details and to have those ready to share next Tootsie Roll Tuesday!

We thank you in advance for your loving kindness & support.  

Peace & Love, Tootsie Roll & Traci