Not sure about the weather in your part of the world, but in Tootsie Roll's little world it has been nothing but rain....damp, dreary, cold days!  But not to fear, TootsUncommon has just the thing to cheer things up and to add a little pep in your rainy day step...the MAC Raincoat!

"Professor of clothing design Hairy Canine makes a bet that he can teach a half-breed Cocker Spaniel to design a jacket made with a waterproof fabric invented by Mr. Charles Macintosh in Glasgow in 1823. Not only does Hairy Canine loose the bet; but the half-breed Cocker Spaniel designs a raincoat smart enough to wear in the city. Her design achieves such popularity with the inventor of the waterproof fabric that today Mr Mackintosh’s surname is often used as a generic term for any raincoat, although those by the Mackintosh label are the true originals. TootsUncommon has been given the proud distinction of carrying on the Mackintosh label for canines which has "Pugmalion" falling in love with rubberized cloth and Lucille Dolabrador singing, "The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plain"! Purchase a MAC from TootsUncommon and you and your canine will undoubtedly love just walkin' and singin' in the rain!! " Available in the same sizes as our Wrapamacallit! We have new colors from repurposed human raincoats, message us and Toots and I will send you some pics:) Please send me the measurements of your dog from neck to tip of tail, collar and chest and Toots and I will let you know if we have one available to fit your pup:)