Fourth of July, Fireworks and our Furry Friends...not always the easiest mix as the smells, sounds, and flashing lights of fireworks can cause a bit of stress in some dogs.  Tootsie Roll has a few tips to make the holiday more enjoyable for all:

  • Desensitive pets ahead of time by playing fireworks sounds via YouTube
  • Provide a safe (inside) space during fireworks displays
  • Distract them with some treats or fun chew toys
  • Update collars & tags just in case
  • Get a good walk the morning or afternoon before festivities begin
  • Close the curtains during firework displays
  • Provide background/white noise 
  • Stay home if you don't mind
  • Make your own "thundershirt"

Tootsie Roll and I did our own version of the t-shirt "thundershirt"

  • Pick a t-shirt you have worn
  • Cut the sleeves off
  • Cut t-shirt in half
  • Cut the t-shirt halves in half again
  • Size of dog will determine number of half pieces needed
  • Tie the half pieces together
  • Use small t-shirt pieces left to tie up some kitty toys
  • Wrap the tied t-shirt pieces (see YouTube link)

Tootsie Roll will check it out this 4th of July and let you know how it works.  Regards, she looks always:)